Amazon River Villages

We had many opportunities to visit Amazon River villages. Their only access is by river. Two of our guides grew up along the Amazon River, so we could hear first hand about life along the Amazon.  Some villages have generator power only during part of the day. Children were anxious to have their pictures taken, and enjoyed seeing it on our digital screens.  As we witnessed life along this river, we were aware how very lucky we are in our lives.

In the first village, we saw a school that children attend on a half day basis. They have to help with the family duties. We happened upon women grinding coca, and suddenly noticed that a baby was wrapped and asleep in the nearby hammock. It started to pour down rain, yet the village continued with their work. Small children jumped into shallow canoes to paddle out to see our ship. As we left, a soccer game went on despite the downpour.

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                 Drinking on their porch                Baby asleep                              Ground coca



                                         House on stilts                Children in shallow canoe

As we explored in our zodiacs, we happened upon a woman doing her laundry by the water with her young son. They were living along the water, but not in a village. We offered them apples, as they do not grow in that part of Brazil. Our guide was able to converse with them in Portuguese.  We also saw a woman bathing her baby. She was dipping him in and out of the river water. The floating house would rise and fall with the water levels.  The reflections of the house and activities made for a memorable scene.


                                      Boy and laundry                           Bathing baby


Jutai was a more developed village, but still only accessed by the river.  As we climbed the long stairway, we were met by motor bikes, their taxi service. We preferred to walk around, though it was very hot that day.


Jutai steps leading to village                          Papayas                                                 Raised gardens



        Boy in doorway watching                Hanging laundry                            Washing floors     



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